We are a creative digital Agency

A Contemporary company that specialises in the design, development and provision of bespoke IT solutions. We drive innovation in how we deliver to our customers. We offer intelligent, fit for purpose and user-friendly products. At Faricode, people are our focus and we work with people in mind. Our products and services have impacted the lives of many which have helped us become who we are today. We are a dedicated professional organisation focused on delivering high quality, customised and affordable technology. We provide consultancy services to meet your business needs. We listen, understand, discuss and provide the best solutions to our customers.

Our Delivery Process

Faricode has its administrative office in London, UK but the production team works across major cities in the UK. We are a digital agency that provides bespoke IT solutions to our Customers. Our primary skill is the development of mobile and web applications. We build websites that build awareness, distinguish your brand from the market and other competitors, convert visitors to leads, and act as a nurturing tool. Websites must be built with careful consideration of SEO, social sharing, content strategy, marketing automation, dynamic personalisation, lead scoring, and progressive profiling.

What happens when our highly skilled consultancy team get together with a dedicated team? We develop a plan of how to use the latest methodologies to build clean and efficient tools for your business. We will help to evaluate your current business processes in order to modernise any outdated systems there may be, and – here’s the best bit – introduce new technologies into your newly imagined business roadmap to enhance productivity and increase efficiency. An experienced hand-picked team is chosen for each project. The team engages modern technology in the design and development of our websites. We have worked with new SMEs and large organisations who have received sharp, intelligent and highly responsive web and mobile applications. Faricode develops your product with the end user in mind. Our team work tirelessly at your pace with little or no downtime. We cover all kinds of mobile development including native apps and hybrids across all major platforms.

We create for clients worldwide

We offer special client advice services on strategy. We are aware of the challenges of keeping up with the constantly changing information technology world and the importance of keeping up to date. Whether it involves taking a deep look at your legacy systems or road-mapping for future technological expansions, let us help, as we have done with many clients who rely on our expert advice.